Sunday, April 19, 2009

CEO’s: New brands can pop up over night

Be positive. New brands can be born overnight even in this economy. In this down economy, optimism is still a brand people want to buy.

Amidst crisis after crisis in the world news, we got a dose of optimism last week with the fastest growing brand in the world “Susan Boyle.” Who is she and where did she come from? Susan Boyle is a Scottish spinster who surprised the delighted
Simon Cowell at last weeks Britain’s Got Talent. She walks out on stage to sneers from the youthful audience and eye-rolling from the famous judges. Then, after a meek introduction she belts out in perfect pitch one of the most difficult songs to sing, “I’ve Dreamed a Dream.”

If you haven't, then take a minute and look
at the clip to understand the pure power of what a never give-up on your dreams spirit looks like. How do we know Susan Boyle brand story is worth watching?

1. Overnight, out of nowhere, people are searching the virtual world to be part of this optimistic sensation called Susan Boyle. The search has warranted over 12.5 million Google hits in one week. Instant brand power.

2. The brand, Susan Boyle has a quality product- perfect pitch

3. She has a loyal fan base of people that want her to win. They want her to win so much so, they created a website for her.

4. Susan is authentic--her look, values and humble beginnings make Susan a brand worth loving. Susan is the real deal.

5. She had a cause. Upon her mother’s death bed and recent passing, Susan told her mom she would try to sing in front of others. It was her dream. Dreams really do come true.

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smartpoodle said...

This is so true! No matter what is going on the world or the state of the economy, talent and excellent new ideas can still spread like wildfire. People all over the world like a good story. And they want the under dog to win.

Andy Angelos said...

Thanks for the post Shelley. I think the dichotomy between "Over-night" success and the actual effort required to build an explosive brand creates confusion. The real story lies in determination and practice. If you are prepared for an opportunity (or willing to sacrifice when the opportunity arises) you are more likely to enjoy the "over-night" brand success. Even the snuggie required an idea, manufacturing connections, marketing, capital - all of which required time to develop.

Just hope people can see through the sensationalism to comprehend the equation of over night success and years of preparation.

Airlift Brand Story Telling said...

Andy I agree. It took her years of practice to get to that place to sing that well. Practice makes perfect. However, there was a tipping point in her life that gave her the CORUAGE to get out there and sing. IT was a most likely a moment in time. I am just so happy that the world recognized the under dog story and has cheered her on to win.