Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity is considered THE leadership skill of the future, but why isn’t it valued today?

Forbes along with IBM conducted a global study with over 1,600 CEO’s on the subject of managing complexity in today’s economy. Part of the causes of complexity are related to speed and changes in the digital world while other are related to the new, Gen Y collaborative work force and the changes in how they communicate.

The Forbes/IBM Study highlights three imperatives to future revenue growth:

Embody Creative Leadership
CEO's now realize that creativity trumps other leadership characteristics. They see that creative leaders are comfortable with change, ambiguity and experimentation. But how can we teach creativity?

2) Reinvent Customer Relationships.
Customers have never had so much information or so many options. CEO's are making "getting connected" to customers their highest priority to better predict and provide customers with what they really want.

Build Operational Dexterity.
CEO's are mastering complexity in countless ways. They are redesigning operating strategies for ultimate speed and flexibility. They embed complexity that creates value in elegantly simple products, services and customer interactions.

What should CEO’s do today to begin to first value and build a creative leadership capability in their organizations?

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Source: Forbes Visionary Leadership

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